Great experiences...
Designed for humans.

Our mission is to help you design & deliver great experiences.

We care about people: your people. We want them to feel happy, inspired, and secure whether they are your customers, clients, or staff.

We specialize in creating enjoyment & minimizing complexity in products, services, and operations, both new or existing.

The methods and processes we use put humans first: our work focuses on what works, where, when, how, and with whom.

Our team has collectively over 100 years of designing & executing human-friendly experiences.

What We Do



Immersive experiences provide deeply compelling engagement 'hooks' with the ability to easily convey complex information. They have been used successfully for training and operations by Defense and Aerospace industries for decades. Recently lowered cost, convenience, ease of content creation, and the ubiquity of smartphones have made these experiences accessible to everyone. The power of spatial interactions is opening a new world of opportunities. Our design approach uses research and data-driven practices, effective learning models, and business acumen to help you deliver the best immersive experiences for your audience.


Great brands are the result of the sum of the experiences customers and employees enjoy. Every interaction touchpoint - human, digital, and spatial - contributes to the equation. Creating a continuous, consistent brand experience using the practices of service design, requires a holistic view of both customers and an organization. Conscious design, planning, and organization of people, processes, and touchpoints allows for optimize of customer and employee experiences. Total Experience Solutions provides strategy, research, design, and training solutions to help your team maximize its brand potential.


Our lives are a constant interaction with machines. Whether through apps, operating systems, enterprise software, emails, chats, or social channels - we spend most of our days interacting with digital tools and services. Digital product design requires a deep understanding of users, the tasks they are trying to complete, interaction patterns, and the flow of experiences, whether cross-channels and programs or within a single tool. Total Experience Solutions has deep experience in digital design, and provides user experience strategy, research, design, standards development, and planning/rollout services to deliver inspired digital experiences.

Fun Projects


Total Experience Solutions focuses on the usability and effectiveness of health care technologies. We are very concerned about doctor 'burn-out' and the degradation of doctor-patient relationships that has resulted from technology injecting itself between humans. We have an on-going research program where we interview doctors about their experience of digital technology in their practices. This work informs solutions we develop that are oriented to making doctor's lives easier and improving doctor-patient relationships.

Our Amazing Team


(Founder, Chief Experience Officer)

Anastasia has over 25 years in the field of Experience Design working with companies and organizations committed to delivering quality experiences to their customers and staff. Her work has earned distinctions in the fields of financial services, publishing, and ecommerce. While her projects have been for companies of every size and shape, the objective has always been the same: make something good for people. Anastasia is actively involved in research and writing on the topic of Experience Design. She also attends a lot of meetings for her local government, loves a good run, rowing on the lake in the early morning, and is a committed advocate for quality of life.


(Director of Immersive Experiences)

Dana specializes in designing experiences that use both real and virtual worlds. He has been Creative Lead on digital data and learning apps for Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Jackson Laboratory, IDEXX, National Semiconductor, Library of Congress, NASA Ames Research Center, and Orlando Science Center. He was recipient of a large R&D grant from the National Science Foundation for development of immersive science learning technology now used around the country. He is also a community partner with the University of Southern California Annenberg Innovation Lab.


(Consulting Advisor)

Diana is the senior Client Experience Performance Manager for Bank of America. She is responsible for achieving and maintaining client experience standards for over 800 Financial Centers. She held senior leadership positions throughout Bank of America including Consumer Banking, Home Loans, Corporate Communications, Process Design and Recruiting, Quality, Client Retention and Client Marketing. In addition, she held leadership positions in Client Marketing, New Account Acquisition, Education, Quality, Vendor Management, Contact Center Servicing, Credit Acquisition and Existing Client Credit. Diana is actively involved in both her local and global community and is on the fundraising board of One Community Many Voices. She lives in Maine with her husband, two very active boys, three cats, and a dog.


(Consulting Advisor)

Mike specializes in Digital Transformation. He recently served as a Principal in the Capgemini Consulting, NA, Digital Transformation practice. Prior to that he led numerous global digital strategic initiatives at OgilvyOne. Other major career experiences include being the Client Experience Executive for JPMorgan Treasury Services, where he oversaw the complete redesign, re-architecture and re-platform of the end-to-end client experience for JPMorgan ACCESS, the world's largest wholesale banking platform. Mike has worked at several of the world leading design agencies - Sapient, Scient and R/GA, and the pioneering innovation strategy consultancy, Doblin Group. He has a graduate degree in Design Management from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Mike lives outside New York City, with his wife and teenage son.


(Consulting Advisor)

Tom Weis is Asst. Professor in the Industrial Design department at the Rhode Island School of Design. The courses he teaches include topics in advanced prototyping, aquaponics and global security. His work has appeared in such places as the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, Time magazine’s Best Inventions of 2010 and the Mass General Hospital’s Russell MD Museum of History and Innovation. Weis is the co-founder of the design firms, Hello, we are ___ and The Steel House. Since 2015, Weis has explored how design and creativity can work to reduce nuclear threats. He has presented at the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, several nuclear weapons summits and is currently collaborating with faculty from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. In his free time, his life is controlled by a beagle. .


(Consulting Advisor)

Sophie is Founder and Workforce Innovation Specialist at Flexcel Network. Sophie speaks, consults and writes as an authority on Future of Work issues including attracting, engaging and retaining talent; employer branding; managing distributed workers; intergenerational communication and new career paradigms. Sophie is the author of Embracing Progress. Next Steps for the Future of Work. Born and raised in London, Sophie has lived and worked around the world, loves to travel, learn, and dance. She has a BA from Oxford University and an MBA from INSEAD. Sophie lives in New York with her two children, two dogs and two chinchillas. .